Karan Kundra Slammed this girl who call his gf a ‘prostitute’

Popular Indian Television actor Karan Kundra showed his deep respect for women when he slammed a stupid and disgusting fan calling his gf Anusha Dandekar a prostitute on Instagram.

This stupid fan is no one but a ‘girl’ and this is really very shocking that being a girl saying such a obnoxious statement about another girl is pathetic.

This is the post Karan Kundra shared on Instagram with the caption, “I do not want fans like these.. If you’ve been brought up in such kind of filthy ways.. And belong to the lowest scums of humans plz I beg of you..

Do not be a fan and make me sad! The worst part is that the account is run by a girl!! A GIRL!! I can’t imagine what pathetic mindset of people must she belong to that she can talk like this about another girl!”

Here is the Instagram post:

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We too wonder when the Indian men will start respecting women, and this is the most disgusting part in our Indian society that its male dominated.

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