Karan Johar Revealed When He Will Bring SRK’s Kids Into Films

Karan Johar Revealed

We all know there is a strong bond between Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan and many a times Karan Johar has said that he will launch SRK’s eldest son Aryan Khan in Bollywood. But according to reports Karan said that he is waiting for the completion of Aryan’s education.

Because Shah Rukh Khan has strictly instructed that first his kids should complete their formal education then they can do whatever they wish to.

In a recent interview with the media Shah Rukh Khan has revealed that before entering the film industry Aryan should complete his education.
Moreover we came to know that his daughter Suhana Khan has also strong urge to join the film industry and the same rule applies for her also.

When Karan Johar was asked about SRK’s youngest son AbRam Khan, Karan said, “AbRam is only 3 years old now, first i will launch Aryan then i will think about AbRam.”

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