Kapil Sharma emerged at the most loving Character, Salman stood at #4


The comedy king Kapil Sharma has again outrun every celebrities to remain at the top in a recent survey by ‘Ormax Characters India Lovers’ and ‘Sultan’ Salman Khan stood at #4.

The stand-up comedian who runs ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ on small screen came to top position leaving behind Sunil Grover at #2 and even Salman Khan at #4.

“Ormax Characters India Loves” is a monthly survey conducted by Ormax Media that calculates the popularity of popular Hindi TV characters and now in this survey that was conducted by asking 3500 people across the nation in 14 cities revealing the result that is really surprising.

“Roadies X4” judge Rannvijay comes at #3 and at #2 comes Sunil Grover.