Kangana Slaps Me, Use Slangs and Do Black Magic- Said Ex-Bf Adhyayan


Kangana Slaps Me1

This news will surely shock you about Kangana Ranaut. Kangana’s ex-bf Adhyayan Suman revealed to the media that Kangana use to slap him most of the time, say slang words and do BLACK MAGIC.

After RAAZ-3 both of them came into a relationship but soon broke up. In a shocking fact Adhyayan told the reporters that most of the time Kangana use to go to a place somewhere in Himachal for worship where she do BLACK MAGIC.

Kangana Slaps Me2


Adhyayan said, “when my mother called our Family Pandit he told that someone is doing black magic against me, and in between that the violence of Kangana was raising and i was so much tensed and afraid.

I use to cry most of the time talking to my PR. I started drinking a lot and i could have died of over drinking also.”

Adhyayan expressed his deep concern for Hrithik Roshan said, “He is such a nice person i have ever seen, Kangana might me doing the same thing with him also, i mean BLACK MAGIC to trouble him.”
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