Kalaipuli S Thanu said ‘Kabali’ will collect 10 times more than Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’

South Megastar Rajinikanth’s ‘Kabali’ will release just after three days and there is much anticipation whether it could break Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’ Box Office record.

Most interesting fact is tickets for Kabali for the first three days in most theatres in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka have already been sold out.

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Producer of ‘Kabali’ Kalaipuli S Thanu said that ‘Kabali’ will collect 10 times more than Salman Khan’s Blockbuster movie ‘Sultan’ in the Box Office.

In an exclusive interview with CatchNews, he said, “Go to Mumbai and try to purchase a ticket of Sultan it would have cost you Rs 1,500. Now you go to Bangalore and say Kabali, you will pay Rs 1,500 per ticket. But let me tell you that in Tamil Nadu with just Rs 120/80 and Rs 50 a ticket we will bring in Rs 200 crores. So imagine what will happen then? We will be collecting ten times more than Sultan.”

Rajinikanth starrer film will release in 12000 screens across the globe, almost double that of Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’ and slated to release on 22nd July.

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