Kajol: My kids talk so much that sometimes I feels they are aliens


On the popular show,  The Anupam Kher show Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai “Kajol” came tonight and looked stunning You see Kajol on screen for like 2 minutes and you instantly figure out why everybody can’t help but love her for her infectious laughter, her straight-forward attitude and her warmth! On this show Kajol revlealed some very interesting facts about her. Have a look..


Kajol never wanted to become an actress

Like many others, Kajol, who is acclaimed actress Tanuja’s daughter, never wanted to become an actress herself. In fact she wasn’t even a movie buff.

But we are glad that she changed her mind about acting!

Kajol discloses how she has become a phenomenal actress

The Dilwale actress told Anupam Kher that she knows that she can never lie to the cameras because the camera can always catch when an actor is not being earnest in his/her performance. She said, “”You can lie to anyone but you can’t lie to the camera”. Now that is an amazing acting lesson, right?

Kajol has a thing for sense of humour

Well, that is not a surprise because a woman who is so humourous must obviously dig humour equally! “Honesty, sense of humour & the ability to work hard are qualities I admire!” says Kajol

Kajol’s honesty is misconstrued as rudeness  

Kajol is blunt and straight-forward as a person.

Most of all, she is honest and that is misconstrued as rude. Well, after weighing the pros and cons, Kajol says that she likes being honest.

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Kajol never wanted to marry an actor

The Dilwale actress revealed that she never wanted to marry an actor but then of course she met Ajay Devgn and her ideology changed! A true romantic at heart!

Kajol is not a strict mom

Kajol has a daughter Nysa and son Yug but she is not a strict mother although she says that she has taught them well. She says that her daughter and Ajay have deep and intense conversations!

Kajol started working at the age of 16

At the age where most of us are either in school or college, Kajol got into Bollywood. She has made a lot of sacrifices for her sister Tanishaa and provided for things she could not have with her mother’s support!

Diwale and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai are Kajol’s favourite films

Kajol said that she associated her favourite films to the best memories she’s had on sets and for her Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Dilwale have been her favourites.

Kajol’s favourite actress is Sridevi

She thinks that Sridevi is the most passionate actress ever and is awestruck by all her performances

Kajol sometimes thinks that her kids are aliens


That is purely because she thinks that they talk a lot and say things that she at times doesn’t understand like the acronyms youngsters use an all. But she also loves her kids a lot because as she says that this one time her daughter told her to do a film and not let the opportunity go saying “Just because you love me doesn’t mean you can’t love someone else” Now that is one mature kid and her mother’s pride!