(July1)Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi: Radha tried to provoke Ishwari against Sonakshi

In July 1 episode of ‘Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi‘ we see some interesting stories told my Ishwari and Mamaji.In between the formal conversation Dada asked Sonakshi what she will do with the money which she got from Lottery.

Suddenly a Sonakshi saw a Pani Puri vendor standing near her house and surprisingly Dev brought him there.While talking on phone Dev tells Sonakshi that he never forget his promise to her and will never leave her hands.

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In between Sonakshi asked Dev what he is going to gift Neha on her marriage with Ranveer.Dev

told Sonakshi that he is not going to present any gift to Neha as she doesn’t like what Sonakshi sent to her.

To this Sonakshi said to Dev that he is a silly brother and hearing this Dev got angry and later Sonakshi apologised.Coming to Dev’s home, where Radha the cunning lady try to provoke Neha to stay in other house with Ranveer after marriage.

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While on the Sangeet ceremony Sonakshi said that boys are like ‘Jhoru Ka Ghulam’ to which Dev got upset and there started a ‘Nok Jhok’ between Dev and Sonakshi.

Radha saw Dev and Sonakshi in the Kitchen and got very angry and she tried to provoke Ishwari against Sonakshi but Ishwari shuts her mouth by saying that Dev will never hide her anything.