Jared Leto in a very tattooed body, it’s insane!

Jared Leto looks absolutely unrecognizable! Ok, well he still looks super hot, but this the Joker like we have never seen before. He’s on the cover of Empire magazine, and we see his sweatpants-and-trenchcoat outfit that we have to say, is pretty creepy!


The magazine hasn’t hit screens yet, but we’re kind of obsessing over this cover, which was leaked online.

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He did go up behind one girl, who was dressed as Harley Quinn. She posted an Instagram picture with him, before he was in costume. Her caption was pretty priceless: “That CRAZY MOMENT when @jaredleto is behind you on the street and says “Hey Harley. I’m surprised you don’t recognize my voice.”

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I’m on his snapchat right now! What is life? Thanks so much for being so awesome, Jared! It was so cool casually chatting with ya for a few minutes 😍 I just wish I had met him when I was in full cosplay! Today I was post-convention Harley Quinn 😵 #SuicideSquadMovie #SuicideSquadCosplay #HarleyQuinnCosplay.”