Is your Boyfriend Cheating On you for Sex? Here is how You can find


Girls if your are onto a serious relationship with your partner and you think your man is cheating you and is having sex with somebody else, here are some symptoms through which you can find out.

These are very simple steps that will give you a sure shot success in finding out the truth.. Read on..

1.Look at him carefully all the time he is infront of you and find out how he treats his body.

You know better before you see any changes on him and after you notice something else in his way of how he treats and take care of himself.

It will give you a clear idea as there will surey be some changes may be minute but it will be, as when a man comes in contact with another man he starts doing something new as per the wish of the other girl.
2.Changes in his look specially on his face that you have to find out.

Here are some changes that you might notice:

a> If he gets routine haircuts now, but let his hair grow shaggy before.
b> If he used to be scruffy before, but he’s always shaving.
c> If there are stray hairs on his body and clothes that do not belong to you.
d> If he always looks nice, even when he’s supposed to be studying or working overtime.
e> If you catch him starting in the mirror to study his looks.
3.You need to pay attention to study his body language.

Body language reveals many unkown things that you might not notice by mere looks. Before in a relationship with somebody else apart from you and after, there will surely be some changes, like for example they we he talks with you before, you will notice some changes in his way of sharing space with you, read more points:

a> If he shows you affection in private, but not in public. Though some guys are just shy about showing affection in public, if he’s all over you when you’re home, or even when you’re home and hanging out with a few friends.
b> If he doesn’t make eye contact when you talk. If he used to be Mr. Eye Contact, but now he always looks away or at the floor when you speak.
c> If he doesn’t give you affection. If he used to shower you with affection but rarely touches you, this is a red flag.
4.If he starts ignoring having sex with you and sleep quietly.

a> If he tries a ton of new moves in bed. He could be picking these up from another girl.
b> If he suddenly has a voracious sexual appetite. If he wants to have sex all the time all of a sudden, it may be because his sex drive has gone up from sleeping with another lady.
c> If you’re having a really long dry spell. If he never wants to have sex anymore, he may be getting it somewhere else.
5.Start searching on all his social accounts and try to figure out whether he is using some other accounts or not, it may be a fake account also.

6.Try to have a keen attention towards to whom he talks and whether the person is a boy or girl.

7.Keep your contacts with his friends, and have a casual conversation, and in between talk about your boyfriend, make your conversation tricky.