Is this true? Vibhuti get arrested in Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai?


Popular entertainment show on &TV will have a new turn very soon. From our reliable sources we came to know that Vibhuti will get arrested. You might be willing to know why.

Here goes the story why, take a look.

Angoori, Tiwari, and Anita will insult Vibhuti on being a nulla. Vibhuti would get hurt with Angoori also insulting him. This lead to the anger of Vibhuti thats why he did so.

Moreover some new twist in the story are: Vibhuti will find out a name ‘V.Narayan’ from the newspaper who have accounts in the Swiss Bank.

Vibhuti with blind smartness told Angoori that he has a Swiss Bank account with crores of rupees, regarding this matter and Angoori has a casual conversation with Anita and tells her that she would ask Vibhuti for 20 crore.

When Tiwari came to know that Vibhuti is telling lies he planned to get him arrested. Tiwari will call the officers but Anita will save him from the situation.

The naxt day CBI came to arrest but suddenly news came that V. Narayan is the actual person who has Swiss Bank account and got arrested. This news saved Vibhuti.