Is this true? Hrithik Roshan and Sussane Khan to get back together?


Hrithik Roshan and Sussane Khan are the most impressive couple in the Bollywood film industry. As it can be seen from their dedication, love and affection towards their kids.

Although they parted after a couple of years due to their mutual reasons but they have always followed one rule, as all parents do for their children.

Either it would be the birthday of their kids or any family celebration, both Hrithik and Sussane have done their Parental duty. Though they parted they have always maintained an
amicable bond with each other that can be seen when the matter between Kangana and Hrithik was in a very fealthy state Sussane came forward just like a wall to protect him.

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She even posted her very personal pic rubbishing the statements made by Kangana Ranaut and her this step ws lauded by all Bollywood fertanity.

Just last night the two were spotted partying with cricketer Zaheer Khan and Sussanne’s cousin Fardeen Khan but sadly media was not allowed as both of them requested to give some space.

Anyways whatever may be but we all wish you both to get back together, that would be the sweetest thing for us all and your fans.