Is Sonakshi Sinha to get married soon? Watch this Video


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We all know that Sonakshi Sinha has been super busy with her best friend’s wedding. Her Instagram account is enough proof of all the fun and masti Sona is having at the wedding! So, here’s what happened. Sona enthusiastically participated in all the wedding ceremonies, including the famous Kaliree event. For people who don’t know, the bride makes her birdesmaids sit in a row and then dangles kaliree over their heads. It is considered auspicious if pieces of this jingly ornament falls on brides maid as they get married soon.

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Guess what happened at Sona’s best friend’s Kaliree ritual? The ornament correctly fell on Sona’s head and the reaction which she gave after that was out-of-this-world.

Sona couldn’t contain her excitement and she did a little victory dance at the prospect of her wedding being next! Do not miss her expressions for they are beyond adorbs!

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