Is Salman Khan doing right supporting Pakistani Artists? Quora has the answer


So much fus is going on in both the Bollywood film industry and among those who hate Salman Khan and just a while ago Salim Khan, father of Salman lashed out at the haters.

But what comes in our mind that what is the public opinion of what Salman Khan did, is it right or wrong. It needs for you to know what is the general public opinion.

Social networking site Quora is also on heavy debate and the debate stands on 50/50.. just take a look:
Nimish Deshpande(Quora User):

So the “Bhai” has started thinking himself of a bhai in real world as well. “Bhai” should realize that when you are on stage of bhed (sam, daam and dand already tried), you go all the way blazing guns. Already we have paki doves and pro paki supporters (such as NDTV, khajdeep etc.) I was reading an answer below in which the guy says if he (the bhai) is right why not support it? I agree when uri attack happend why pak artists did not condemn? why they were silent? Because they are patriotic about their country and no matter what so ever they will remain loyal unlike some fools like “Bhai” and his supporting brigade.. Long story short, better “Bhai” focus on his movies and 100 cr + targets and try and dodge questions like this in future.
Chethana A(Quora User):

Would his statement made national headlines had he been supporting artists of any other country other than Pakistan? And most importantly would this question even been raised if Mr. Salman Khan was a non-Muslim?

Numerous countries are in a war like situation, various terrorist attacks in different parts of the world have killed citizens of many nations. Have all countries proceeded to ban artists, working professionals and people who are looking to earn their livelihood? The answer is a big ‘NO’. Then why are we doing this? We provided asylum to thousands of refugees from East Pakistani ( Bangladesh now ) when they were at war with West Pakistan. Are we the same nation we were back in the 1970’s.

So getting back to the question asked, the answer is pretty straightforward, all of us are entitled to have our opinions and I am sure many of us sympathize with the Pakistani artists just as Mr. Salman Khan does.

Salim Siddiqui, Sr Executive at Qube Inc.(Quora User):

No not, he cleary knows that IMPP (Indian motion picture producers) banned pakistani artistes, technicians from Bollywood Industry but why hes supporting becoz in his next film ‘Rahat fateh ali’ and Fawad Khan are in the film so he wants no protest or ban for his film. IMPP released a note yesterday and said to industry to do not employ any person from Pakistan.. i think Banning them is right becoz no one of them condemned URI ATTACK. atleast they could tweet but they didn’t.. Banning them won’t affect us so no problem. Most of Actors congratulated Indian army for Successful surgical strike incl SRK, Akshay,Paresh rawal Ajay, Varun Dhawan and many more but Salman didn’t and he backs on pakistani artistes. Salman Said “ they are not terriost they come to india with valid visa” , we all know his father Salim Khan will say sorry for this as he always does. another statement by producer association.

“All the Pak actors who have already filmed in India, even if only for a day, will not be subjected to any delays or bans . ” – IMPPA pardon typos & brevity.

Shagun Bharti(Quora User):

its not about the Salman khan.its about the humanity and your way of thinking.
i had read someone’s article on this and that is very valid.
“Talent find its way to anywhere in the world”
Pakistani artists are also very talented and we Indians love them that’s why they are here. so its very unfair to ban them from Indian film industry.
In India there are so many things which is intolerable but still its our india and we can’t do anything.
Pakistani artists are the ones who do their work.its their job.
I mean this is totaly unfair to ban someone just because he is from Pakistan.
I think we all should have think at least once.
In India there are so many who don’t deserve to be here but still they are here. why?
i mean this is totally disgusting as indians are behaving with pakistani artists.
and i know on this post there will be so many who will question on my i would prefer to be silent because i don’t need to give answers to those who really don’t use their own mind and heart.
thank you