Is Salman Khan and Katrina’s past is creating trouble for Rishi Kapoor?


On the flip side, fans target their favourite celebrities’ rivals. Until recently, SRK and Salman fans abused each other. Now that the two actors are friends again, some sort of truce has been called. But Salman’s fans are still upset with Ranbir Kapoor for “coming between” Salman and Katrina. It’s silly but that’s how it is.


Ironically, Ranbir himself remains distanced from all the malice directed at him. He is not part of any social network. But Ranbir’s father Rishi Kapoor, who is very active on Twitter, has to face the brunt of Salman’s fans’ ire against his beta.
Salmaniacs, angry and unhappy with Ranbir for “stealing” Salman’s girlfriend have unleashed an unprecedented fury of personal and professional vitriol against the younger actor. “Salman fans want to sabotage Ranbir’s new release Tamasha because they want the uninterrupted run of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo at the box-office to continue,” says a source close to the Kapoors.

Says a source close to Ranbir, “Rishi gets trolled a lot. Woh Katrina ko lekar Ranbir ke peeche padd gaye hain haath dho ke. So much hatred from one actor’s fans…it’s not healthy.” Alarmingly, the aggressive attack on Ranbir has acquired a communal colour.

Adds a industrywallah, “Salman is a fair guy. He has nothing against Ranbir and Kat. He has even acted with Katrina post their break-up. The actress remains friends with his family. He certainly doesn’t approve of this kind of bullying, cyber or otherwise. He once blasted his fans online for targetting SRK and his film, while he was not on talking terms with the actor.

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