I’m a work-in-progress boyfriend, Said Arjun Kapoor


The fan in question is Urvi Bhanushali -a freelance photographer, who is also engaged to be married. Seated on a large wooden couch, Urvi asks the actor why he remains a bachelor. “I will get married when I want to have kids,” says Arjun. “I come from a liberal family and they wouldn’t mind if I gave a live-in relationship a shot. I am so used to being by myself that I will have to shift a few gears before I settle down.”
“What is your idea of an ideal girlfriend?” asks Urvi. “Koi prototype nahi hai! As long as she laughs at my silly jokes -and I do crack a lot of lame ones -I am happy,” he smiles.

Urvi points out that Arjun gets linked to a bevy of actresses all the time. “You enjoy playing the field, don’t you?” she asks, to which pat comes the reply, “Not unless you believe the press.”
“Till the age of 26,” he continues, “I was only focussed on achieving something in my life. I did my first film when I was 27 and I began receiving attention from the opposite sex. But meanwhile, I also lost a parent and never experienced stability after that. Today, at 30, I am all over the place. I don’t want to get into a relationship and affect someone’s life badly.
I am open to the idea of a relationship, but I think I’m a work-in-progress boyfriend. Does that make any sense?” he smiles.

Urvi points out that that Arjun often comes across as not being a people’s person, largely due to the disinterested, I-don’t-care expression he usually sports. “When you’re with 20 people at a press con, you can’t always give everyone a reply that’s worthy of a headline. It becomes difficult with the stress of too many people judging you all the time. It’s worse when I give interviews on the phone, as the interviewer thinks I am disinterested. But I am just a lazy, laid-back guy staring at the idiot box, lying on my bed, while I talk,” he says.

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