I don’t compartmentalise myself, Said Anushka Sharma

Anushka notes that acting holds a special place in her life and will continue to reign over her heart. “Acting has always been my passion and will remain so. I enjoyed playing the dual role – of an actor and producer. As a viewer, I really want to watch author-backed stories and there is something amazing about thrillers, the way it captivates your imagination…It was an interesting experience and a completely unexplored territory for me,” Anushka said in a statement.


“Also, I don’t compartmentalise myself. I really wanted ‘NH10′ to be made and being associated with it eased the entire process,” she added.
After garnering rave responses, NH10 – a film which tells the story of a young couple whose road trip goes awry after a run-in with a group of violent criminals– is now set to be screened on TV.

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