I can stay in ‘BRA’ only in my Bedroom, not outside, says Priyanka Chopra


The hot Bollywood queen Priyanka Chopra has revealed something very interesting that will surely amaze you.

In an exclusive interview with a leading daily she revealed about wearing ‘BRA’ and when she was asked about it she said, “I can only wear ‘BRA’ only in my bedroom, not outside.”


Earlier some photos of the hot big booty queen Kim Kardashian was spotted without wearing a BRA inside and in a skin tight dress that reveals her nipples too, and to this when Priyanka was asked the same, whether she can go outside without wearing a BRA inside, she said, “Yes, i can, but in my bedroom only.”


And when further questioning her about whether she can wear pants without a panty, to this her reply was, “I can but the pant should not be skin tight, it should be loose enough.”