Hrithik Roshan Was FURIOUS during the Mohenjo Daro shoot- WHY?


 For one scene, the actor was required to overpower a 20-foot crocodile. Naturally, this was not possible to do with a live crocodile, so a remote-controlled plastic croc was used to film the scene. The rest was to be taken care of during the post-production stage with computer graphics (CG). The problem started when these pictures were released by the film’s team. The reaction that the cast and crew expected about the hunky actor fighting the monster was nothing short of phenomenal. But instead of bouquets, they got brickbats.


The feedback that Hrithik got, disturbed him.
His fans took to social media to say how fake the croc looked and poked fun at the pictures. The actor, a perfectionist, took this criticism to director Ashutosh Gowariker. He suggested that they re-shoot the scene and try and make the beast look more real.

Says a source, “Ashutosh refused. Shooting a period film is very difficult and he wants to go by his own conviction. Ashu is convinced that they had filmed good footage and was not willing to change things because of comments on social media. This created some stress between the actor and the director. When Hrithik is not happy with his work, he is difficult to handle.
It keeps niggling him and he gets restless. For now they have decided to stay away from the subject, lest it hamper the progress of the film.”