Hrithik Roshan Rubbished Tiff with Salman Khan

The tiff between Bollywood actors Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan has been in news and everyone is thinking its in real.

But when Hrithik Roshan was asked by the reporters regarding this matter he simply rubbished all the rumours and said, “Is this what is being written while I was away? It’s pure nonsense. Salman and I are in touch constantly.”

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“In fact, the first thing on his to-do list of pending assignments back home is to watch Salman’s new blockbuster at a screening specially arranged by Salman for him.

“I can’t wait to see the film. Although I’ve been out of the country, I’ve been on the phone with Salman about Sultan ever since we met in Madrid for an awards function. I missed the screening that he had for his friends before release. But he promised me my own screening the minute I return to India,” he added.

As we know that when Hrithik decided to step in to Bollywood films, Salman Khan personally trained him, and Hrithik circulated the photos among his friends in the industry.

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