How to maintain sexual bliss in married life to overcome divorce?


Most of marital dissatisfactions are sexual dissatisfactions or failures. An inactive sex life could lead to frustration in the partners resulting to anger, quarrelling, fighting, depression and all other forms of emotional imbalances.

Without having sex before marriage or after marriage, lets talk about what will happen if the couple will not do do sex after marriage…

1. Depression to the Boy or Girl


2. Quarrel between couples


And hence leads to divorce

3. Divorce


Now question arises how to overcome this, here are the tips which every married couple should follow:


Communicate. Let your spouse know your sexual likes and dislikes in a non-confrontational way. The more both of you become more comfortable communicating your needs

2. Intimacy is more than just sex. Touching your husband in sexy ways outside the bedroom—a squeeze here, a massage there—will remind you both that the bustle of daily life can give way to the rustle of nighttime get-togethers.

3. Creating more playful relationships. Why not lay out a soft blanket in the living room, light candles and celebrate your relationship with a bottle of champagne and strawberries.

4. Make a special effort! Allow yourself time to relax and reflect as an individual.

This will make it easier to unwind and reconnect with your inner thoughts and emotions, thus making it more enjoyable to relax and enjoy your spouse.

5. Override predictability. Any activities that will encourage change and growth will more than likely bring the spark back from those endorphin-filled courtship days.

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