Girls Find This Part Of Shah Rukh Khan As Sexy

Shah Rukh Khan Sexy

Recently Ram Gopal Varma said that although Shah Rukh Khan does not have a body like Salman Khan and he is not hardworking like Aamir Khan still then he is the most successful Bollywood actor and he has millions of fans across the globe.

In a recent interview Shah Rukh Khan revealed that girls find his eyes as the most attractive and sexy part of his body as it does not look dull even if he is tired or sleepy. It always looks fresh and appealing.

Chatting with his fans on Twitter Shah Rukh Khan said, ” My eyes are sexy, never gets dull even if i am tired, this may be the reason why girls loves my eyes.”

During the shooting of ‘Raees’ Shah Rukh Khan had black eye liner on his eyes which gave him a very dangerous look and Shah Rukh Khan himself feels that he looked very odd in that.

Moreover that release date of ‘Raees’ has not yet been confirmed. Shah Rukh Khan has the plan to release it in the next year.

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