Find out why Alia Bhatt wants to win star of the month!

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We’d also like to let you know that Alia is very much dedicated to her fitness programme. In fact, she is so hitched to it that she follows it diligently in sickness and in health! Not just that, pilates makes the actress so happy that she doesn’t mind doing a few twists and turns when in bad health, just so she can feel happy! We’re not saying it, the actress herself is saying so!

Even on a rainy day, Alia Bhatt can bring the sun out and all she has to do is do a little pilates! The actress captioned her Instagram image saying, “Clearly @yasminkarachiwala is loving my “under the weather hoodie look” I should totally win star of the month for working out when am not well Yas !!! #TrueStory #PIlatesMakesMeHappy” Aww! Isn’t that cute? The actress might be in a bad health but never says no to fitness.
Filmmakers, clear indication that Alia is a hardworker! Oh and yes Alia, we too dig your under the weather hoodie look!