Farah Khan reveals why she isn’t working with SRK in her next


We all know that the famous Choreographer of Bollywood film industry Farah Khan loves to work with her close buddy Shah Rukh Khan.

But this time the story is just opposite, she is not working with Shah Rukh Khan in her next film.

Recently while talking to reporters she reveals the reason why this time she could not team up with King Khan.

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In an exclusive interview with a News Agency, Farah said, “I have written a script and this time its a small script, and it’s not star-driven.

It’s a two girls project so still waiting for it to happen because I have not put a big star in it.”

“It was easier for me to get a 100-crore project green-lit but a 20-crore project is taking time because it doesn’t have a star,” she added.

“The thing is stars make it easier for the project to be green-lit. Otherwise, everyone will question your script 100 times if you have a star saying yes to it give that newspaper cutting and nobody will ask any question that’s the good side and a bad side to it,” she further added.

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