FAN Movie Review Budget & Business Economics & Expected Collection



This film is all about a fan’s fandom. Gaurav, a huge fan of Superstar Aryan Khanna, worships the Superstar and is all crazy about him (as he says, wo sirf star nahi hai, duniya hai meri.) With the dream of meeting Aryan Khanna, and wishing his God a ‘happy birthday’, Gaurav decides to go to Mumbai. Everything is nice and exciting for the young obsessive Gaurav till he meets Aryan Khanna. He gets the biggest shock of his life when his favourite Superstar refuses to share time with him in spite of knowing that Gaurav is his biggest fan.

Things take an ugly turn and all his love and admiration for Aryan turns to a dangerous obsession that crosses the line. How far Gaurav goes with his obsession and what mess he creates in Aryan Khanna’s life is for you to find out. This gripping thriller will leave you wondering on whom to sympathise; the obsessed fan who feels betrayed when his idol doesn’t return his affection or the Superstar, who can’t handle the fan’s madness as he is a human first!

FAN Business Economics below:

Total Investment: ₹105 crore (cost of production 85 crore and advertising 20 crore, does not include SRK’s fee)
Satellite rights: Sold, assumed to be equivalent to Shah Rukh’s fee
Recovery from other rights: ₹ 10 crore
Recovery from theatrical business (India + Overseas): ₹ 95 crore

Approximate figures of how much FAN has to collect in India:

FAN will recover costs if it does ₹ 125 crore.

If FAN collects more than ₹ 135 crore: HIT
If FAN collects more than ₹ 170 crore: Super Hit
If FAN collects more than ₹ 210 crore: Blockbuster

Shah Rukh Khan’s films perform consistently well overseas, as well as fetch a good price from satellite rights, is a huge advantage that his films have. Even in the worst case scenario, his films recover investment.