FAN Day 1 To Day 4 Total Collection Worldwide

The movie had a superb opening as it minted Rs. 19.20 cr. on the first day of its release. The second day was not as pleasant as the first one as the film managed to make only Rs. 15.40 cr on Saturday and Sunday’s collections were Rs. 17.75 cr. Total collections of the first weekend is Rs. 52.35 cr.
Day 4 :
6-7 Crore estimates Trade Figure in IndiaTotal  :
58-59 Crore Trade Figure in India
52.35  Crore Producer Figure for 3 days

120 Crore + grossDay 4 of Fan is lower than that of Airlift which had collected 10 Crores on its first Monday but which had an advantage of an holiday on Day 5.4
Days Airlift total was 53.13 Crores

The drop in collections between Friday and Monday is almost 65-70%

Fan is really struggling in mass centers and the collections are depending on top 25 cities only.

Single screens and mass centers like Gujarat , Rajasthan , Madhya Pradesh are really down.

$6.01 Million or Rs 40.05 Crores also the highest opening weekend in overseas in 2016

Day 1 :
19.2 Crore Producer Figure in India

19.02 Crore Trade Figure in India

Day 2 :
15.34 Crore  Trade Figure in India
15.4 Crore Producer Figure

Day 3 :

Crore Trade Figure in India
17.75 Crore Producer Figure in India

Total  First Weekend:

52.08 Crore Trade Figure in India
52.35  Crore Producer Figure
First Weekend Worldwide Box Office Collections:
114.26 Crore gross  Producer Figure
113.91 Crore gross Trade Figure

Day 1 Overseas:
$2.7 Million or Rs 17.93 Crore gross (Thu +Fri)

Day 1 is highest opener of 2016 and 17th highest of all time.

Fan Budget

Fan   Budget is 105 Crores

Production Cost: 85 Crores ,
Prints & Advertising Cost 20 Crores.

This is actually lower what recent movies of Shahrukh Khan cost.

Fan Screens

4600 Worldwide.  Screen Count in India is 3500 while overseas screen count is 1100.

Box Office Prediction of Fan

Life time : 150 Crores
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