Exclusive: Salman Khan Sent Randeep Hooda To Hospital From The Sets Of Sultan


SULTAN-Salman Khan new Fotor_Collage

While shooting for Salman Khan’s upcoming film ‘Sultan’ Salman’s co-star Randeep Hooda felt a deep stab of pain but for meanwhile he did not gave much attention to that and continued. Infact he took some pain relief medicines but that did not work at all.

But when the pain was beyond control Salman Khan advised him to take medical help and admitted him to the hospital where treatment of Randeep Hooda is goin on.

Right now Randeep Hooda is in Hospital and today his surgery will go.

Randeep plays Salman’s coach in the film and we can only imagine what that would be like to watch.

They have both worked together in Kick before and guess they have formed a great bonding.