Everyone has a bit of Shah Rukh Khan in them, Said Swwapnil Joshi



Swwapnil Joshi is famous for his romantic blockbusters in Marathi Industry. He is a big fan of the King Of Romance and admire him a lot.

In a statement he said, “Everyone has a bit of Shah Rukh Khan in them.” Currently his first ever murder mystery cum romantic flick LAAL ISHQ has arrived.

In an exclusive interview with a channel he said, ” I am blessed. I think since I have done lot of love stories that worked at BO, so the immediate comparison to somebody in Bollywood comes to Shah Rukh Khan. I am huge fan of Mr.

Shah Rukh Khan. It’s very humbling to hear when people say that but having said that I have slogged a lot. I have worked really hard to become Swwapnil Joshi, so don’t take away from me that.”

Swwapnil said he met Shah Rukh Khan a while ago and felt so proud, to this he said, “I’ve met Khan saahab 3-4 times and I think he is the one of the humblest person. He is a thorough gentleman… Even his loyalty and sincerity is seen in his work. The kind of human being he is gets reflected in his work as well.

So I feel honoured. I carry it with all the pride on my shoulders. But I am extremely happy and content being Swwapnil Joshi.”

Regarding his personal life he said he did arrange marriage and is blessed to have such an understanding and lovely wife in his life.