Entry of New Problem Maker in ‘Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi’, Great Problem for Sonakshi


As we have seen earlier, both the families of Dev and Sonakshi have agreed to make a gracious marriage of the couple and Ishwari’s mindset towards Sonakshi is absolutely normal.

But there will be a twist soon that will surely change the whole story and might create problems between the understanding of Sona and Ishwari.

Yes, there will be a new entry on the show, Veteran actress, Amita Udgata is all set to make a grand entry as Dev’s Bua and during the time of marraige it will be interesting to see how she will manage to change the mindset of Ishwari towards Sonakshi.

As per the agreement between both the families, the rituals and all the arrangements will be done equally but Dev’s Bua feels something else and she convinced Ishwari that after marriage also, she would be the head of the family and she must behave like that with Sona too.

Now the viewers will get to see new Saas-Bahu drama and behind the curtain Bua would be playing the real game.