Donald Trump keen to join ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 23


The Republican presidential of The United States, Donald Trump is waiting eagerly for the season 23 of the popular dance reality show ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

Th dance reality show has invited Donald to the show and as per the reports by, he hasn’t rejected the offer yet.

As per reports by a close source of IBTimes, “They really want someone political on the show, especially this season being so close to the election.”

“They have always wanted Bill Clinton and will obviously never get him but they always ask. And they asked Donald Trump to see if he would be interested to do the show even while running for President,” the source added.

Donald Trump’s ex Marla Maples was a contestant in the previous season of the show, and as per an Insider, “They would have loved this season to grab him for many reasons especially coming off of a season with his ex Marla Maples being on the show.”

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