Do You Know WHY why Priyanka Chopra will NOT promote Bajirao Mastani with Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone?

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Speaking of Skype, Priyanka’s over-the-top performance at the trailer launch from the US has not gone unnoticed by the Bajirao Mastani team. Says a source. “PC is always larger than life, always dramatic. At the trailer launch, she said on Skype that she broke down and cried on the third day of shooting with Bhansali Sir, as she was unable to cope with the demands of the scenes. This is completely cooked up. PC’s drama at its most dramatic. She is too confident to cave in under any circumstance. From day one, she understood what the role demanded and gave exactly what was wanted.”


Apparently, Priyanka’s strategy is to downplay her achievement in Bajirao Mastani to such an extent that audiences expect nothing from her, and then surprise them with her performance. Says the source, “She wants to be the bandh mutthi of Bajirao Mastani. Let audiences flock to see Bajirao and Mastani. But they’ll come back filled with good thoughts for Priyanka’s Kashibai as well.”

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