Do You know why Shah Rukh Khan rejected so many Hollywood Films? Quora has the answer


It is no doubt that the King Khan of Bollywood film industry Shah Rukh Khan has been offered so many Hollywood projects but untill now he has rejected almost all the Hollywood films.

Earlier Farah Khaan had revealed the reason of the rejection but there are some more points that need to be known. The social media site quora has some amazing points that justifies the point.

1.Aditya Ranjan, Knowledge aspirant,Introvert,Over thinker,ECE student


This was the answer given by SRK when asked about his absolute absence in hollywood projects.

SRK is as we all know worlds most popular actor

Imagine what will it feel like Slumdog Millionaire winning oscar and SRK standing like a supporting cast member behind the director and others. He is the most popular star in INDIA too.

Will it not be an insult to bollywood? He standing like a supporting cast?


2.Malini Rajendra, Rom-coms and comedy movies are real stress busters.

On the contrary, when the ‘Badshah of Bollywood’ himself was asked this question by the media, he reported to have told them that he was not even once, been approached by any director from the ‘West’.

Some other reports say that Hollywood director Paul Feig, had expressed his desire to work with SRK.

According to another source, the ‘Matrix’ director Lana Wachowski, met up with Shah Rukh, when she visited India for a holiday and they had a long chat!

3.Nikunj Agrawal, Born aand heart in india

If you look all the bollywood stars who work in hollywood got the cameo/small role.

As shahrukh khan is the biggest star of india and his stature does allow him to work just for the sake of hollywood.

Will brad pit or other recognize hollywood actor works in bollywood?

Lets assume brad pitt works with shahid kapoor(medicore actor of bollywood) and that movie wins the oscar. How about brad pitt standing as an support staff and all other actors gets the center stage.

I definately think if he gets the good role in big franchise he will defiantely do it.i think he offered a role in slumdog millionaire which anil kapoor did finally.