Do you know why girls prefer to wear tight clothes?

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From the social media website Quora, many people including girls gave some of the most awesome answers.. take a look:

Stephanie Vardavas, owns 400 pairs of shoes, none of which are brown

Many women have a psychological hangup on the numerical value called “size.” Whether it is dress size, t-shirt size, or, yes, pants or jeans size, it is very difficult to ignore the numerical value printed on the tag and just focus on buying clothes that fit well and flatter you.

So some women, not all, if they can squirm into a pair of jeans with a smaller (= more desirable) number on the tag, will do so, and will buy them, because they want to think of themselves as a “size 4” or whatever. Notice that I said they think of themselves as BEING a “size 4,” not WEARING a size 4. It is very personal to them.

Lou Davis, Emergency Department Sister, ALS Instructor(Quora User):

I don’t have the greatest figure – I’m reasonably fit, do plenty of exercise, try and eat the right things.

But I have lumps and curves where I would rather have smooth and flat.

If I wear jeans which are ‘snug’ I tend to find that those lumps and curves are more smooth and flat than they would otherwise be.

There are jeans which are designed to enhance the buttocks, slim down the thighs, accentuate the waist etc etc

In my, albeit befuddled, mind, tight jeans make me look better.

It is that simple.

Emily Waters(Quora User):

They are in fashion (and have been, with fluctuating cuff widths, since the late 1990s…a serious macro-trend interrupted only slightly over the last few years by boyfriend and wide-leg jeans) EDIT: As a comment points out, jeans themselves have been popular and in-fashion for women as far back as the 1950s, and often times tight jeans were in-fashion even back then (see Marilyn Monroe in The Misfits, for example)
They are often flattering (on many women, they have the effect of making you look slimmer and making your butt look great)
They aren’t alway uncomfortable…if they have a lot of stretch and the right rise for your figure, they can be just about as comfortable as leggings.
They are a versatile wardrobe staple and go with many things (tight tops, loose tops, tight sweaters, loose sweaters, moto jackets, blazers, ankle boots, sandals, sneakers, etc. etc.)
They can look more put-together than baggier styles (especially in a dark wash)