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Do You Know WHO is Alia Bhatt’s New BFF?

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We also know about Alia being obsessed with B-town’s Bebo, Kareena Kapoor Khan, who has a crazy new generation fan following. Bebo’s style, persona, elegance and just everything about her grabs attention and her pout is irreplaceable by any other beauty. There have been a lot of times when Alia was complimented to look like Kareena, even during the shoot of Shaandaar, Alia’s face kept reminding Shahid Kapoor about his ex flame Kareena Kapoor Khan, now happily married to Nawab of B-Town, Saif Ali Khan. A lot of times Shahid kept mentioning about seeing Kareena’s looks in Alia Bhatt.

Yes, now finally we will tell you who is that person of bollywood whom Alia loves a lot and she recently shared it with everyone. Remember Katrina Kaif praising Alia Bhatt for her bikini hot bod scene in Shaandaar movie which made even Shahid Kapoor freeze, just by looking at her. Alia is surely a Pataka Kudi !! So, she took Katrina Kaif ‘s name and expressed her love for Afghan Jalebi and Alia also said, that she appreciates Katrina’s honest and frank attitude and the fact that she is genuine.

Alia also went onto saying that she also enjoys working out with Katrina. Hmm.. Working out.. Okay but honesty.. frank attitude.. Genuine.. ?? We never witnessed Katrina being very frank about her relation with anyone, not even alleged break up with Ranbir Kapoor.