Do You know what Female Soldiers do when they get their periods?


It is a very tricky question as very few people might know what female soldiers do while they get their periods.

Here is a quick review of the problems they face and how they manage while they are with their male colleague, read the whole article, its really very interesting.

1.Many of them get hormonal IUD’s (intrauterine devices). It is a form of birth control that releases progestogen from a small device inside the uterus.

2.It is inserted by a doctor and provides birth control for 5 years. One of the common “side effects” is that one will not menstruate during this time. If one wishes to have children, the IUD can be removed by a doctor at any time.


3.Everyone they goes to the bathroom they would just also change their tampon when going to the washroom.

4.They do what every other female does when they get theirs. And for the record, tampons and pads are damn handy on a battlefield.

5.They come in sterile, individually wrapped packages. They are cheap and light and compact. They can stop bleeding like nothing else.

6.A pad makes an amazing pressure dressing. A tampon is perfect for a sucking chest wound.