Do BRA really cheats? She has the answer


There are many boys who mostly ask girls these silly questions.. Do you wear bra today? What colour? What else you wearing now?

Ufff! Its so frustrating.. Isn’t it? Someone on the facebook posted a awesome poem about the nonsense questions by boys to girls that you must read

Shruti Ambast
29 August at 10:26 ·

Bras offend
So do breasts
And what do you know?
So does a flat chest

Skirts are a no-no
Because legs are bare
Jeans bhi mat pehno
Because legs are there

(What about a long skirt?
Dilemma, yaar!
Brb consulting my book of sanskaars)

What if I cover myself
From head to toe?
*cough* secularism *cough* security *cough*
Sorry. But no.

Enough! I renounce clothing
From now I will be nude
No way! What do you think you are –
A dude?

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