Divyanka Tripathi Excited of her Wedding, The Groom Reveals some details!



On July 8 actor Vivek Dahiya will tie the knot with the gorgeous and beautiful TV actress Divyanka Tripathi. Currently Vivek is busy in his film Kavach.

An anxious and excited Vivek reveals some of the most exciting details of his wedding with the diva.

When he was asked about what would be special for the wedding she shared these details take a look:

What will be the dress code for the wedding?

He said, “Divyanka’s lehenga will come from my place. It is our tradition. My in-laws and parents are co-ordinating on the same matter.”

Where you will go for shopping for the wedding?

Vivek said, “I have requested the production house to give me some time for my preparations. Once in 10 days, I will get a day off to do my shopping. Yesterday, I visited a mall and looked around for some stuff.”

What is your choice of Divyanka’s designer wear?

He said, “She can wear red, pink or gold. I am cool with whatever colour she chooses. I will just match my bow-tie, tie or pocket square with her chosen hue.”

Where would be the venue of your wedding?

To this Vivek smilingly replied, “The wedding is going to be in Bhopal, Divyanka’s hometown.

It will be a close-knit affair with family members and close friends in attendance.”