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The plot is simple, a bhai from Benaras and a townie fall for the same girl. The only difference is the girl, Dolly Pandey (Nidhi Subbaiah), is a firebrand who wants to establish herself as a leading Indian rockstar. Kabeer (Arjun Bijlani) helps her for his own interests but eventually falls for her. However, the bhai, Vicky Shukla is sure of his deewangee and goes behind her to Mumbai to marry her. Will Dolly choose Vicky or Kabeer is what it is all about? It is a hackneyed story with loud characters. In fact none of them really endear themselves to you. But then, the entire tone of the film is a masala one and it stays true to that sentiment.

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The film is clearly targeted at the single screens and the presentation is apt. Thankfully, it is too short so none of the proceedings get unbearable. They have captured the local lingo well though it’s kinda OTT at times. Some of the one liners are funny especially Vicky s conversations with the Gods. Nidhi looks good and has done a decent job throughout the film. Rajneesh is also likeable and has good screen presence. Arjun does a decent job but the typical song and dance routine does not suit him. Rehguzar and Duwa Mein are two good tracks. The cinematographer has captured Benaras from a touristy view.

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