Direct Ishq is a romantic love triangle, set in Benares


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The film is the debut of TV actor Arjun Bijlani whom we know as Ritik from the hit show Naagin. It also stars Rajneesh Duggal and Nidhi Subbaiah. The film kicks off in the holy city of Benaras, where every boy is shown madly in love with the desi rockstar gal Dolly Pandey. She is a firebrand who does gigs on the banks of the Ganges. The guys are shit scared of her as she has a reputation of causing damage to the family jewels. Kabeer (Arjun Bijlani) is a Mumbai guy originally from the holy city.

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His grandmother wants him to get married while he has a girlfriend in Mumbai. So far, the film is characterised by the Benarasi flavour which is predominant. The use of language is also authentic. We have Rajneesh Duggal (vicky shukla) as the muscular and rowdy head of Kashi Hindu Vishwavidyala. There is hardly any romance between the trio so far. Kabeer introduces Dolly to his grandma as future bahu while Vicky is madly in love with Dolly. Nidhi Subbaiah looks a lot like Rimi Sen and does the rock chick gal act with gusto. When Vicky comes to know that Kabeer also likes Dolly he threatens her that he will marry her or kill her.