Dilwale poster 3: Its making Shah Rukh Khan’s film HIGHLY INTERESTING!

Shah Rukh Khan took media to the sets who returned with some really good experience. It is obvious that everyone is waiting for the first trailer now. But the makers want to tease the fans some more before they give us the first glimpse into it. So, since a few days, posters with the logo of the film, D for Dilwale, were released and here comes the third in the series. Grunge and gun can describe it the best!


Last two posters were of two different natures. The first one had the icy cold D spreading wintry warmth while the second had more of Rohit Shetty’s touch.

We can only guess here and that’s what we are doing compulsively now. The freezing D might depict the release date since December is a cold month. The second one can easily be a tribute to Shetty. It revs up the entire experience and could be symbolic of his love for blowing cars.

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