Did Vijay really appreciate Ajith’s ‘Vedalam’ teaser?


The news sparked due to a photograph Vijay’s mirror image showing an Ipad on the camera in which Ajith’s ‘Vedalam’ teaser was running while actor director Manobala is capturing it with his camera.

Everything is true in this news regarding the photograph except the one being promoted as its USP, that is Vijay giving a thumbs up for ‘Vedalam’ teaser. We do not know Vijay has ever watched the teaser of Vedalam and whether he liked it or not. But the photograph that is being spread viral in social media has nothing to do with ‘Vedalam’ teaser.

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That photograph is actually a very old one where Manobala showed the teaser of his maiden production venture ‘Sathurangavettai’ to Vijay and photographed him with the Ipad showing the teaser.
Now someone with really kind heart (!!!), out of sheer earnestness to bring friendship among the warring Vijay and Ajith fans has morphed the ‘Sathurangavettai’ teaser image in the photograph with the ‘Vedalam’ teaser image. The intention of that person(s) is highly laudable but we dearly wish that these attempts are done without manipulating the facts.