Did Kajol refuse to share screen space with Kriti Sanon?


The leaked climax video of Dilwale and there’s one portion that has Kajol’s behind the camera banter is now available to public.There is a shocking news that Kajol may have refused to share screen space with actress Kriti Sanon.

Kajol on noticing that Kriti is standing right next to her during the shot quizzes her younger co-star if she’s indeed standing next to her in this shot. Kajol said to Kriti, “You’re standing next to me? Damn! Mala sangitla nahi koni.I’m not standing next to her!” Kriti of course takes the hidden compliment in Kajol’s fun banter and breaks in laughter.


So, it seems like Kriti’s talented senior was just kidding and paying her good looks a underhand compliment. Knowing the thorough professional that Kajol is we would never expect her to throw a tantrum. And as far as body of work and popularity is concerned SRK’s DDLJ heroine stands pretty tall next to the Heropanti babe right? Here take a look at Kajol and Kriti’s funny exchange on Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale sets.

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