Did Kajol just flash her middle finger in public?


Its very shocking and amusing to know that Kajol can show her middle finger to someone in the public. This news has become viral in no time, watch the video.

With every one looking forward for Kajol‘s comeback to films and her amazing chemistry with SRK, the Dilwale actress has been hogging the limelight in past few days. But, we just stumbled upon a video where Kajol was seen flipping the bird at someone. Before you jump to conclusions, it was playful gesture by DDLJ’s Simran, who seemed to be having a nice time interacting with the crowd at Durga Puja pandal.

Seeing a familiar face in the crowd and enjoying his harmless taunts, Kajol joyfully pointed a middle finger to him. I believe the whole incident should be taken as a playful banker between two cousins, as the Dilwale actress didn’t imply anything obscene and flipped the bird just for fun.