Deepika Padukone & Priyanka Chopra get emotional at ‘Bajirao Mastani’ trailer


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The Sanjay Leela Bhansali-directed magnum opus, a period film revolving around 18th century warrior Peshwa Bajirao’s romance, is set to release on December 18. It stars Deepika, Priyanka and Ranveer Singh in lead roles.

“I am overwhelmed…Its not a movie it’s an experience. I might breakdown. It’s an amazing feeling. We have given our sweat, blood, tears, passion…Lot of hard work,” Deepika said at the trailer launch here tonight.

“While we were doing Ram Leela, we felt it is a big film. It was so difficult. Ram Leela was a rehearsal….Prep (preparation) for us,” she said, referring to the 2013 film, also directed by Bhansali, that featured her and Ranveer.

“I am in a confused state …It’s an emotional moment. It’s a film made out of passion…Lot of talented people are part of it. There is a feeling of emptiness, sadness …As for 12 years we were working on it,” Bhansali said.
Priyanka, another leading lady of the film who is currently abroad, made her presence felt at the event through video conference.