Deepika Padukone DESPARATE to Work with Shah Rukh Khan!

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After having launched her in Om Shanti Om, which was the Diwali blockbuster of that year, they did two more films together as the lead pair – Chennai Express and Happy New Year. Both turned out to be money-makers! Just when everything was rosy, came this unfortunate Bajirao Mastanivs Dilwale clash on December 18.

Since then, there have been rumours that not all is well between Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan. The PR teams of both the films are head to head when it comes to marketing the films. We have seen last week that whenever Bajirao mastani team puts up something like a poster, Dilwale team puts up a poster around the same time.

This PR overdrive apart, both Deepika and SRK only have good things to say about each other whenever they face the press. SRK called her his lucky charm earlier. Yesterday, during the Mastani poster launch, Deepika replied to SRK’s compliment by saying both of them really cared for each other, and she misses working with him!
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