COLD WAR going on between these two TV actresses



Now a days a cold war is going on between Zee TV’s popular tv serial ‘Meri Saasu Ma’ two actresses Hina Nawab and Aanchal Khurana.

The reason is the raising closeness of Pearl V Puri and Hiba Nawab, Aanchal is so much tensed that anytime she may leave the show.

In an exclusive interview with a tele website, Aanchal said both Pearl and Hiba are extremly unprofessional and are not at all mature.

She said, “An actor should be serious about work and profession and due to the bless of God i will very shortly going to leave the show.”

But after hearing this Pearl retaliate and said, “Aanchal is a psycho patient who need medical treatement, actually i am in the lead role so she is bit insecure.”

The main reason of dissatisfaction of Aanchal is both Pearl and Hiba call each other ‘Babu’ and ‘Sonu’ even on the sets of the show.

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