Check out what are the most overrated Hollywood movies


Hollywood is the biggest film industry in the world and after that comes Bollywood of India, in terms of production of highest number of films, Bollywood comes first, and when it comes to the expenditure, Hollywood is way ahead, as the cost of sets and the technology used in the production of Hollywood films are very high.

Titanic, Godzila, Avatar are one of the costliest Hollywood films and some films are overrated due to the huge audience support and the Box Office records the films have created worldwide.

Today we bring you some experts opinion of these films and which are those Hollywood films, take a look:
Nick Alexander, Keynote Speaker at User):


The Shawshank Redemption. Any movie in which has legions of fans, but none of them will sit down and actually watch a single Rita Hayworth movie (a major plot point of the film), is not worth the imdb score.