Check it out Salman Khan helped Daisy Shah look fit and sexy in Hate Story 3!

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Rakesh is training Aamir back to health. Rakesh had also been training Daisy for Hate Story 3. And Salman not only keeps a strict tab on her workouts,, but also regularly changes it through Rakesh.”

Daisy admits candidly, “Salman knew I had to be really fit for this movie. As I knew what kind of fitness level needed to be achieved, I realised Salman was the best person to discuss my fitness mantra with. He knew I had to look way better and fitter than what I was in Jai Ho, so Salman made me work out with his trainer Rakesh. During Jai Ho, there were no goals to achieve, but this year, we literally pushed the pace and made the workouts more aggressive. Right now, as the film is complete, I am not on a strict diet, but Rakesh makes sure I do my workouts regularly. It’s about maintenance.”

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Does Salman give her fitness tips? “Yes, he gives them through Rakesh. He gets all the instructions directly from Salman, whom he’s also training. So when Rakesh meets me, he’s prepared with a workout plan. Salman is a very caring man, especially with those whom he likes.”

Salman has seen the promos of Daisy’s next release. “He said they were nice and very different from Jai Ho. He knows that’s what the franchise is about and that it is only meant for adults.