Case Registerd against Rakesh Roshan for copyright infringement


Dehradun’s writer Roop Narayan Sonkar filed a case against famous producer Rakesh Roshan under copyright infringement act.

He claims that the story of ‘Krishh 3’ was stolen from his own Novel ‘Suar Daan’.

He even claims that Rakesh Roshan did not ask for his permission before stealing his story to make Krishh 3.

Roop Narayan also demanded to stop the telecast of this film by any entertainment channel.

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Filing a case in the police station he said that in the year 2010 he published his novel ‘Suar Daan’ which Rakesh Roshan without his prior permission stolen the story lines.

To our dear readers we would like to inform that the story of ‘Krish 3’ is very similar to the novel ‘Suar Daan’ written by Roop Narayan.

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