BREAKING NEWS: Shah Rukh Khan’s car ATTACKED In Ahmedabad!


Shah Rukh Khan has been shooting for Raees in the city, as he plays a Gujarati don in the film. This is the second time, the film has faced troubles from members of right wing outfits!

Vandalism is condemnable enough, but doing that in the name of God is thoroughly deplorable! The Dilwale actor has been in the eye of outrage ever since he made a statement supporting theaward vapsi movement, that was against the rising intolerance in India. Aamir Khan faced a larger turmoil for declaring that there is intolerance in India.

At that time, we were partly agreed, and partly denied with what they had said. But incidents like these make us feel that have we become so intolerant that we can’t forgive them for their harmless statements.

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