BREAKING NEWS: ‘DWTS’ Host’s Mom Tragically Dies 4 Months After His Dad’s Death


Tom tweeted a photo of his mom and dad to announce his mom’s death. “Four months apart. Together forever. #RIPMom,” he captioned the photo. So sad. One day before his mom’s death, Tom tweeted, “4 months ago my Mom lost the love of her life. Now we’ve gathered at her bedside. They never did like being apart.”

This must be such a difficult time for Tom. It’s devastating to lose both of your parents in such a short amount of time. Tom’s dad, Raymond “Ray” Bergeron, passed away at the age of 81 in early Oct. 2015.

After his dad’s death, Tom dedicated an episode of Dancing With The Stars to him.

“My dad loved this show,” he said. “Never missed an episode, and I’d like to think somewhere that he didn’t miss this one.”

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